Communications & Surveillance On Wheels

This versatile tower system can be put in place for operations very quickly, reliably and at low cost.

csow1 csow2


  • Variety of size options. The largest SkySentry CSOW lifts up to 520 pounds to varying heights up to 106 feet above ground
  • Road compliant trailer; weighs approximately 12,000 pounds; pulled by a one ton truck or HMWWV, no Commercial Driver required
  • Typically erected in less than an hour after arrival on site, with a 2-person crew.
  • Designed for operations independent of ambient temperatures
  • Fully functional at 60 knots erected, when stabilized with the optional guy-wire package. Withstands 85 knots moored, and a fluid warming system is available for extreme temperatures.
  • C-17 transportable; no hazardous components
  • Contains a 15 KW generator with 65 gallon external diesel fuel tank
  • Can stay on station indefinitely, with simple refueling of generator
  • Grounded for lightning and shock safety. Six fiber optic cables for data transmission from payload bay
  • Redline microwave or hard-wired options for connectivity to Operations Centers
  • Power system provides highly conditioned AC or DC output at the payload bay, with customer selection of power output.

To specify your requirements and obtain pricing, we ask you to fill out these Customer Care and Elevated Systems Requirements Sheets.