Payload Systems

SkySentry carefully keeps its finger on the pulse of the latest communications, surveillance, and specialized payloads appropriate for aerostats and UAVs. Importantly, a full inventory of communications and surveillance payloads have already been integrated and proven on our systems, and these payloads are designed for easy interchange between towers, aerostats and UAVs.



Our communications payloads offer complete integration with high bandwidth SATCOM, and include radio relays,Mobile Ad hoc Networks, telemetry systems and signals intelligence. With our network payloads, we offer true austere area voice connectivity with standard, commercial phones, texting, internet reachback,distribution of streaming video and other services


Surveillance cameras vary from small stabilized daytime cameras to highly sophisticated electro-optical day-night cameras. The variety is so great, we don't list them here. Payload prices can vary from perhaps $1,000 to a million dollars, all dependent on desired capabilities.

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