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Oil Spill Watch Aerial Detection

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OilSpillWatch Aerial Detection System


Remote Aerial Detection Systems (RADS, USA), a subsidiary of Environmental Science & Technologies (EST), has entered into a strategic partnership with SkySentry. The partnership brings to the forefront OilSpillWatch, a lighter-than-air aerial surveillance and communications system that quickly deploys over oil spill and environmental response areas to provide fast and effective surveillance and communications.


The OilSpillWatch system is tethered from a ground base, a trailer or sea vessel. The payload selectively encompasses EO/IR cameras for day and night operations and includes a Mesh Communications Network.

This business partnership will strengthen RADS’ portfolio of remote aerial detection systems, positioning the company as a principle UAV technology provider and integrator. Some of the advantages of this system include the elimination of support aircraft, real-time image capture with geotagging, and the ability to continuously monitor over long periods of time. 


Supplier: Remote Aerial Detection Systems (RADS)