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RADS Announces Strategic Partnership with SkySentry

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RADS Announces Strategic Partnership with SkySentry OilSpillWatch™ Aerial Detection SystemTo Debut At Clean Gulf Booth #320

Boston, MA—November 8, 2013― Remote Aerial Detection Systems (RADS), a subsidiary of Environmental Science & Technologies (EST) today announces its strategic partnership with SkySentry. This business partnership will strengthen RADS' portfolio of remote aerial detection systems, positioning the company as a principle UAV technology provider and integrator.

The partnership brings to the forefront OilSpillWatch, a lighter than air aerial surveillance and communications system that quickly deploys over environmental response areas to provide fast and effective communications and surveillance. The OilSpillWatch system is tethered from a ground base, a trailer or sea vessel. The payload selectively encompasses EO/IR cameras for day and night operations and includes a Mesh Communications Network.

"We are very pleased with the addition of the OilSpillWatch system to our portfolio of remote aerial detection solutions," said Abe Ash, president of RADS. "The system advances our airborne sensing and communications solutions for critical environmental monitoring applications including oil spill, pipeline and asset security, offering our customers a highly reliable and cost effective aerial monitoring system." Ash continued, "Some of the advantages include the elimination of support aircraft, real-time image capture with geo-tagging, and the ability to continuously monitor over long periods of time.

"SkySentry is proud to be associated with RADS in its efforts to provide oil spill and environmental pollution monitoring and assorted surveillance solutions to its customers," said Charlie Lambert, president and founder of SkySentry. "Our superior design takes advantage of higher wind conditions and maintains lift while other aerostats in the market have a different sail design and fail to fly in higher wind conditions." Lambert added, "Over the past ten years, SkySentry has developed cost-effective, highly portable communications and surveillance solutions for our military which were easily adopted by, and integrated into the commercial environmental response community."

About RADS

Remote Aerial Detection Systems (RADS), headquartered in Boston, MA is a UAV Technology Integrator that delivers cost-effective, turn-key airborne solutions that offer day/night cameras, special sensors and communication equipment that assist environmental and response enterprises to track oil spills and manage operations on land or sea.
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About EST

Environmental Science & Technologies, Inc. (EST), headquartered in Boston, MA, is a diversified clean tech company dedicated to the advancement of environmental and safety and security technologies. EST seeks out emerging and next generation clean tech products, technologies and companies dedicated to its core competencies.

About SkySentry

SkySentry was founded in 2003 with a focus on the development of airship and aerostat vehicles with commensurate tactical surveillance and communications payloads.
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