TEA Mooring Platform Ready To Ship

SkySentry Announced Today That Its TEA Mooring Platform Is Ready To Ship

The Tactically Expedient Aerostat (TEA) is used for tactical, military and industrial observation and communication purposes. SkySentry has developed a mooring platform for its TEA.

Colorado Springs, CO (PRWEB) January 21, 2014

SkySentry announces the release of its TEA Mooring Platform (TMP), after more than a year of engineering development. The Tactically Expedient Aerostat (TEA) is an expedient system, greatly enhanced by a totally self-contained mooring platform capable of supporting TEA's from 34 to 75 cubic meters in volume. The TMP is easily placed on flatbed trailers, trucks, boats, or a ground site. The platform is stressed for handling by either forklift or helicopter, and is sufficiently heavy to hold TEAs in place without further anchoring.

SkySentry was founded in 2003 to investigate and capitalize on the unique environmental characteristics of the stratosphere for communications, surveillance, and related missions. Since inception, the company has adhered to a key guiding principle of providing best value and each day pursues its motto of "Credibility through Performance!" The company has grown considerably in both capabilities and experience, to offer solutions to a wide variety of technical challenges, which have evolved in one way or another from the initial focus on high altitude.

These capabilities include:

•Expedient communications and surveillance products and services, enhanced with aerostats and UAVs
•A wide variety of operational and consultative services. These services encompass missile defense, worldwide aerostat operations, training, system specification and acquisition, space operations, and numerous other areas of expertise.
•A council of highly regarded and degreed technical executives as a reference resource across a spectrum of sophisticated technical challenges
Highly sophisticated modeling and simulation support, to help the customer visualize problems and possible solutions, assess end-to-end system effectiveness, and optimize resource allocation
•SkySentry's aerostat and UAV systems are designed to be deployed and set up quickly, for land or maritime applications, with a variety of payloads to meet disparate needs. •They support these systems worldwide, with operational crews, spare parts, and technical support, as desired.

A Service-disabled, Veteran-owned Small Business with a DCAA approved accounting system, SkySentry has numerous contracting relationships, especially to support US Government customers. The company is experienced with contract management and pleased to either prime or subcontract with partners on mutual business pursuits. Their contracting processes and instruments for commercial customers are thorough and efficient.

For more information about the TEA Mooring Platform or other SkySentry products, contact Charles E. Lambert at SkySentry, located in Colorado Springs, CO. 719-495-7856 or visit their website at: http://www.skysentry.net.