SentryNode (TM) ™Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

In keeping with design goals for all systems of simplicity and affordability, SkySentry offers the SentryNodeTM. These durable UAVs lift approximately 5 to 15 pounds of payload, are optimized for altitudes up to about 1,000 feet above ground, and have already been authorized for specific use by Government agencies with an FAA Certificate of Authorization (COA). (Each COA is granted based on the specific airframe, use, and location, so this item must be evaluated for each customer). This particular model has been adopted by the Navy for high altitude testing.


The electrically- or fuel-powered SentryNodeTM cruises at 50 mph or up to 2 hours, thus having a range of approximately 100 miles. Alternatively, it can be flown as slowly as 25 mph for long loiter. The turnkey system comes complete with a direct link autopilot option out to about seven miles with automatic lost-link return, or pre-programmed autopilot for the full 100 mile range, all flight controls, and a catapult launch system. Training and spare parts options are also available. We are confident you will not find such superb capability at our low-low price anywhere else!