Specialty Aerostat Services


Several SkySentry areas of expertise grew out of the development and application of high altitude and lighter-than-air pursuits. These specialized products and services are readily available to you on short or long term basis.


Perhaps you only want the use of an aerostat for a short period of time, to test a new payload or aeronautical subsystem. SkySentry can provide access to a variety of aerostats, as reviewed on the Elevated Systems tab, to enable such use. Alternatively, some customers simply don't want to OWN aerostats and learn how to safely operate them, but need them periodically. SkySentry is prepared to operate its elevated systems for you on an "On Call" basis. In military terms, we will "Sit Alert" for you, and be rolling toward the disaster area, public event, forest fire, or similar operation in a matter of hours.

Aerostat and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Crews

Customers at times find themselves shorthanded of sufficient aerostat or UAV crews for a given operation, or choose to pay attention to their own business and let SkySentry conduct elevated operations for them. Your systems or ours, SkySentry's crewmembers are used to worldwide deployment, and key members are well versed in:

  • Austere environment operations and survival (including combat theater experience), on land or watercraft
  • Training
  • Safety and operational effectiveness inspections
  • Operational Test and Evaluation processes and documentation
  • Maintaining "alert status" to respond to requests for onsite technical support or repairs

Sustainment and Repair

SkySentry maintains its own maintenance, repair and supply facilities near Colorado Springs for aerostats and UAVs. Our technicians can either support your needs from the company location, or can travel to your operational site. Please consider letting us analyze your spare parts and repair requirements for systems worldwide, and how we can enhance your sustainment effectiveness while reducing cost.

Scientific, Engineering, Technical Assistance (SETA)

It seems the Government likes to change the name of this type of support periodically; we find "SETA" still communicates! SkySentry maintains a ready supply of military retirees with expertise in:

  • Missile defense
  • High altitude technologies
  • Military doctrine, policy and operations concepts developmentDOUG--BRIDGET-AT-RMTA
  • Aerostat operations
  • Joint Capabilities Integration Development System (JCIDS) process
  • Mission Command, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance functions, and others

If you would like a small company to help round out your bidding teams, or seek augmentation in a wide variety of military disciplines, please contact us.