Tacti-Sphere TM

The Tacti-SphereTM — Fast, Effective Communications & Surveillance - Anywhere!

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Slide1Tacti-SphereTM is a turn-key, highly flexible and integrated aerostat-payload system optimized for operations in austere and remote areas.  We could have easily named it “Tacti-Dome” as well, since it essentially puts a networked, surveillance “DOME” over an area of operations. In essence, the elevated aerostat payload establishes a "sphere" of connectivity emanating outward from the aerostat for up to about ten miles, or an area of about 300 square miles. Smaller spheres can be enabled by towers. Ideal applications include situational awareness and control of man-made and natural disasters, oil spills, public events, and surface mining, as well as support to tactical border security and small unit special operations.


The most popular payloads for expedient response consist of Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) radio nodes and a camera. Typically, the Tacti-SphereTM provides very reliable Comms-on-the-Move (COTM), including voice, texting, streaming video, and geo-location of participants to everyone in the network. With optional software, each participant can become a "sensor" in the network, feeding back sensor and camera data of any type desired by the user. This data, along with the surveillance picture obtained by the aerostat-mounted camera, can be stored on site in the ground control station or shipped over SATCOM to secure websites.

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Performance Functionality

  • Expansive communications & surveillance coverage; self-forming, self-healing networks using advanced Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) algorithms for Comms-on-the-Move
    • Multiple unlicensed frequencies available to mitigate any interference
    • High level encryption optional
    • Completely self-contained for urban or remote, austere environments
  • "Everything Over IP" communications
    • Voice over IP, with Push to Talk
    • Texting, streaming video
    • Geo-location of participants
    • Internet reachback
  • Range extended with small aerostats and towers; Rapidly deployable on land, air, sea, Display on Open Source Geographic Information Systems, e.g. AGiS
    • From 500 feet above ground, coverage area about 300 square miles
  • Includes radio relay option to extend range of current handhelds in FM, UHF spectrum
  • Day-night cameras integrated on aerostat and tower for situational awareness, security
  • Data storage optional both on site and remotely through internet website

Tacti-SphereTM is optimized for...

  • Anyone needing cost-effective, rapid-response, easily deployable, self-contained, communications and surveillance, with robust reachback
  • Remote mining, oil, and gas operations
  • Response to and command of contaminant spill operations on land and water
  • Wildlife and marine life monitoring
  • Urban Security, Police, Fire, and Medical responses
  • Corporate contingency operations
  • Monitoring and providing security for major public events
  • Border and Harbor Security
  • National Disaster-Response agencies
  • Military Special Operations and SWAT Responses

What makes Tacti-SphereTM unique?

  • Small aerostats & versatile towers, towed by standard pickup; can be setup with two operators in less than an hour. Use of multiple unlicensed frequencies mitigates the need for expensive frequency purchase or leasing, while avoiding interference or jamming
    • Deployable on land, boats, barges, and transportable by C-130 size aircraft
  • The majority of network participants can use commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) smartphones, laptops, and tablets, greatly reducing costs
  • Highly integrated comms & surveillance, with reach back to the internet and commercial phone services...even from very remote areas...through affordable, high speed SATCOM

Technical Details

  • Total radio range, and hence coverage area, is dependent on altitude of aerostat and amplifier power. Typically, from 500 feet above ground, range is 10 miles, covering more than 300 square miles with reliable communications.
  • These are self-forming, self-healing, Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANETs), very resistant to jamming. Radio frequencies can be changed to mitigate interference on these unlicensed free frequencies. The coverage can be extended indefinitely through the peer-to-peer nodes on the MANET.
  • The communications plan mostly dictates the total system price. The Airborne Radio Nodes (ARNs) and Ground Radio Nodes (GRNs) are Tacti-SphereTM specific. The majority of field operators can use Commercial-Off-The-Shelf nonproprietary handsets, such as smartphones, tablets and laptops, all connected to the GRNs wirelessly.